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About Us

Vayuna is a non-profit organization founded by Neil gandhi and Richa gandhi.


During our trip to rural India, we saw the poor quality of education given to students in the rural community. The students there lacked some of the most essential tools in a proper learning experience such as experienced teachers and tutors. Growing up in Los Angeles, we realized the drastic difference in education levels between the two countries.

Upon our return from the trip, we realized the need for an education not only in the community we visited, but also in the underserved areas around the country. As it turns out, several elementary schools in his area are denoted as PI (Program Improvement) schools because they lacked an efficient amount of educated tutors. So, with the help of his sister Richa, Neil began taking an initiative locally by starting Vayuna.
This organization serves local elementary school students in the fields of math and science on a weekly basis. Qualified high school students who demonstrate advanced skills in mathematics and science volunteer at local P1 elementary schools to tutor these underprivileged students for at least 4 hours a week.  The goal of the tutors part of Vayuna is not just to teach others, but also to learn more about themselves through the process of enriching the educational experience of others.